Stud Services:

Often times goat producers will consider offering or using stud services. We do not offer or recommend offering or using stud services. There are several things you need to consider before offering this service or using this service.

First of all, there is a very high potential for disease. You are putting your herd at great risk to all kinds of diseases by exposing your animals to animals from other farms. Some very likely diseases are CL or Soremouth.

Secondly, how good of care will your goat actually be getting? Will they be given the feed, shelter, and water that you think they will? Or, if you are offering this service, you are entrusted with someone's animals, what will happen if the animal that is entrusted in your care becomes ill, injured, or dies while in your care. There is the risk of a potential law suite or vet bills. What if the animal goes through the fence or is lost? There are so many things to consider and the risks just aren't worth the profits.

I know of producers who offer stud services and they have so many herd diseases so they don't mind bringing in goats from other farms because the chances of them getting a disease that they don't already have is very slim. You need to be very careful when bringing a new goat into your herd. We recommend quarantining all new herd additions for no less than 6 months in an isolated area away from the rest of the stock until you are sure they are healthy and disease free or until they are vet tested for diseases. Some people especially those with young children are affraid to have a buck around the farm because of the risk of injury to their children. Often times people with small children will buy a young buckling (bucklings will start breeding between 4 & 6 months of age) and use that buck until he matures around 3 years of age. Bucks usually don't become aggressive or dangerous until they reach maturity at 3 years of age. It is also recommended that you do not play with bucks or tease them. It is best to respect them and if you want to be around them, pet them gently. Playing with bucks and teasing them when they are small will result in a mature buck that will still want to play or seek you out to be played with. They aren't a lot of fun to play with when they reach 400+ pounds and when the buck is playing with you when he reaches that size someone is likely to get hurt. There are many things to consider, just be sure to make the right choice for you and your herd.