Shipping Rates

"Triple I Goats"

454 Memory Lane

Hustontown, PA 17229

Is proud to be offering a coast to coast shipping services provided by:



Coast To Coast Shipping Available:

Phone: (717) 262-8792

We keep two things in mind:
* Provide the most reasonable rates!
*Provide safe, easy transportation for the livestock!
My rates are some of the cheapest in the business. You
also don't need to
wait for a full load to be coming your way to ship
your goat.
I haul no more than 15 goats at a time and as few as
one. My equipment
is flexible and in these days of outrageous fuel
prices "flexibility is better".

P & T Transport Rates:

There will be a $50 pick up fee. The rates are as follows from

454 Memory Lane, Hustontown, PA, 17229, to your location:

2014 Prices:

1-3 goats 0.99 cents/loaded mile
4-5 goats 1.09 cents/loaded mile
6-10 goats 1.19 cents/loaded mile
11-15 goats 1.29 cents/loaded mile

That's it, no hidden fees**, no hidden cost.

Please have an up to date health certificate from a
vet and any special papers"specific" to your home
Give me a chance to "earn" your business.
Call me at (717) 262-8792
E-mail me at




Air Shipping Available By:


*Animals will be shipped out of University Park Airport in State College PA.

*Health Certificates must accompany animal along with any other state required papers.

*Shipping rates vary by zone. See chart by clicking here:

For latest up-to-date pricing and information, please contact the airline.

*Shipping will be limited by weather conditions/temperatures in the departure and destination cities.

*Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with shipping. Buyer is also responsible to pick-up the animal at the destination city.

*Triple I Goats is not affiliated with these transportation companies nor are we liable for the goats they haul/ship. Prices are based on weaning age animals.