*Prices listed below are based on stock at 8-10 weeks of age (weaning age).

100% Fullblood Boer Bucklings - $450 & UP

100% Fullblood Boer Doelings - $450 & UP

100% Fullblood Boer Show Wethers - $200 & UP

*Goats over 10 weeks - pricing depends on age, bloodline, and breeding/kidding status.

*All fullblood does/bucks - ABGA registration application will come with purchase.

*All Doelings are disbudded unless otherwise requested.

*All Bucklings are horned unless otherwise requested.

*All Show Wethers are disbudded, Scrapie tagged, and castrated.

*Deposit required for special requests, and multiple purchases, and is due within 10 Days of the date goats are placed on hold or goats will be resold.

(Price subject to change without prior notice)

Boer Goat Chart -

How To Figure Registration Percentages

 100% Fullblood Boer Buck Bred To Any Doe =  50% Boer Kids
 100% Fullblood Boer Buck Bred To A 50% Boer Doe =  75% Boer Kids
 100% Fullblood Boer Buck Bred To A 75% Boer Doe =  88% Boer Kids
 100% Fullblood Boer Buck Bred To A 88% Boer Doe =  94% Boer Kids (Doe Kids Only - American Purebred Boer)
 100% Fullblood Boer Buck Bred To A 94% Boer Doe =  97% Boer Kids (American Purbred Boer Kids)
 100% Fullblood Boer Buck Bred To A 97% Boer Doe =  98.4% Boer Kids (American Purbred Boer Kids)
 100% Fullblood Boer Buck Bred To A 98.4% Boer Doe =  99.2% Boer Kids (American Purebred Boer Kids)
 100% Fullblood Boer Buck Bred To A 100% Fullblood Boer Doe =  100% Fullblood Boer Kids

*Please note, an American Purebred Boer will never be a Fullblood Boer.

*94% and under Bucks are eligible for a Record of Pedigree paper, however offspring can not be registered.

*97% and higher Bucks are eligible for registration and offspring can also be registered.

*Any doe sired by a 97-100% Buck can be registered.


Deposits On All Goats Will Be Lost If:

  • Deposits will be lost if goats are not picked-up/delivered by 10 weeks of age and goats will be resold unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed upon by both buyer and seller.
  • Deposits will be lost on all special requests (such as dehorned or horned, ear tagged, castrated, or any other special request made by the buyer of that specific animal) if buyer backs out of the sale.
  • Deposits will be lost if buyer backs out of sale.

Deposits Will Be Refunded If:

  • Deposits will be refunded if animal becomes ill, injured, or dies before date of purchase.
  • Deposits will be refunded on animals that no special requests have been made on if buyer views animal on date of purchase and does not like the animal upon viewing.


Partial Refunds Of Deposit May Be Given:

  • Partial refunds may be given at sellers discretion. Refund will be given once goat(s) have been resold. Refund will be less any fees incurred by the seller such as a boarding fee, registration, transfer fees, or any other fees incurred.
  • Deposits will be partially or fully lost if seller has to resell animal(s) at a lower price in order to move animal(s) quickly.