Things That Every Pet Goat Owner Should Have

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   Grain - Can be fed on a daily basis. Grains can be textured or pelleted. Some grains are a complete feed containing vitamins, minerals, preventative medications for urinary calculi (kidney stones) and coccidiosis.

 Local Feed Supply or Co-op, Tractor Supply, Southern States Stores

   Hay - Should be fed on a daily basis. Orchard grass, Timothy, Broome, or mixed grass hays are recommended. Alfalfa hay can be fed in small amounts for short peroids of time because of the calcium content, alfalfa hay can cause urinary calculi (kidney stones) or milk fever.  Local Feed Supply or local farmers,
   Minerals - Should be offered free choice or sprinkled on grain. Goats will consume a very small amount of minerals daily which will aid in a healthy immune system., Local Feed Supply or Co-op
   Probios or Probiotics - This product should only be used during times of stress such as relocating the animal or when the stomach becomes upset due to sudden feed changes or stress. This product replenishes the natural bacteria present in the rumen to keep the stomachs working properly.  Tractor Supply, Southern States Stores,,,
   Dewormer - Ivomec, Cydectin, or broad spectrum dewormer should be given on a routine basis, every 8-12 weeks to keep parasites under control.  Tractor Supply, Southern States Stores,,,
   Hoof Trimming Shears - Hoof trimming should be done on a routine basis when needed.  Tractor Supply, Southern States Stores,,,
   Hoof Pick - Used to clean dirt from hoof before you begin trimming excess growth.  Tractor Supply, Southern States Stores,,,
   Bounce Back or Resorb - Electrolyte product used only when animal becomes ill and goes off of feed or is scouring.  Tractor Supply, Southern States Stores,,
   Drenching Gun - Used to administer liquid medications. 60 cc syringe can also be used in place of drenching gun.  Tractor Supply, Southern States Stores,,,