Triple I Goats 

Black, Red, Dapple, Paint, & Traditional Boer Goats For Sale In PA


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  • You couldn't get any better bucks. Produce high quality kids, great show wethers, & high performance breeding does. The size and muscle mass is unbelievable. They are great in structure and very well taken care of and maintained. Full of color and different markings. You couldn't ask for any better offspring. Keep up the excellent work!! You guys offer the most respectable & valuable services that are hard to come by...... WE CAN'T EXPRESS THIS ENOUGH, EVERYTHING YOU HAVE HELPED US WITH THIS YEAR. WE WOULD NOT HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR ON OUR OWN WITHOUT YOUR GUIDANCE. YOU HELPED US GET OUR HERD STARTED AND WE WILL NEVER FORGET THAT. THROUGHOUT THAT PROCESS WE HAVE DEVELOPED A GREAT FRIENDSHIP THAT IS VERY VALUABLE. A BIG THANKS GOES OUT TO BOTH OF YOU AND YOUR COURTESY TO OTHER PEOPLE. YOU HAVE ONE OF A KIND OPERATION, A GREAT ONE.   - Spring Valley Boer Goats, Everett, PA


  • Very nice, impressive bucks...both the younger and older herd sires. Very nice, wide does.Very satisfied with them...nice goats...that's what keeps me coming back! ;-) I think you have a very nice herd of Boers and a good set-up for breeding, kidding, and maintaining the goats.  The quality of goats and friendly service is why I keep making the 6 hour trip up to see you. From my point-of-view, I couldn't be happier.  Thanks again for some great goats! - McCallister Hollow Farm, Barboursville, WV

  • WOW! I have seen a lot of goats in my life but I have never seen goats that look like this. The herd sires look like beef cattle!  - Darrell Secreist, PA


  • Kids are nice looking. Very healthy. Grow quick. Friendly. We think you produce great goats. Your always willing to help. Anyone who would drive 187 miles one way in the middle of the night to help a goat with kidney stones like you did is #1 in our eyes! Your good, honest, Trustworthy people. I can't think of any changes you could make. - Little Creek Farm, Hunlock Creek, PA

  • Magnum has far exceeded our expectations for a first Boer Buck. A fullblood with lots of red color and great muscle mass.  - Trossbach Hilltop Farm, Dameron, MD


  • Herd sires, brood does, and offspring are AWESOME! I think you guys are doing a wonderful job. Good to know I can call anytime I need help or info. Keep up the good work!  - Twin Oak Farm, Spring Valley, PA


  • Totally Awesome!!!  Code Red is my favorite. Lots of top quality does. Wonderful and all very good quality. Just keep doing what you do best!  Producing top quality goats. We were so thrilled to be able to receive one of your Market wethers for free this year.  We were very greatful for your kindness and the fact that you are always there when we have questions or concerns. - Barbara Erb, Berwick, PA

  • The best looking herd of meat goats I have ever seen. They look like cattle!  - Bricker Family Farm, PA


  • I have not had any problems with what I've bought. You have been very helpful. You have answered questions on goats that didn't even come from you. I also get on you site to look for advise. - Bonnie Bucher, Shade Gap, PA


  • We wanted to Thank David and Gail again for all of their kindness. We have called them many times in the past with questions and they are always so eager to help. When we needed to buy a buck for our herd I called them and told them what we wanted, we received a call back in 4 wks with everything we were looking for!! Their goats are awesome and they are genuine, good hearted people! We have enjoyed working with the Straits and we are proud to own one of their bucks!! - Brad and Dawn Trout, Trout Run Boer Goats


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